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Welcome to Long Term Care: You Decide

Choosing Long Term Care (LTC) can be perplexing and most families need some help to make more deliberate and thoughtful decisions. This website was created to explain the various options for long term care services and their implications, so you will be able to make informed and appropriate decisions during what can be an uncertain and stressful time.

Long Term Care decisions usually involve several people (the older person and family members to start). There will likely be differences of opinions, so it will be important to recognize and consider them and deliberately reach a reasonable level of consensus.

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Making long-term care decisions involves considering multiple scenarios and options and it can be confusing. It will be helpful to follow an organized process to work through them in an understandable way. We created a structured 2-Step Framework with decision-making tools from experts in long term care to help you do this more easily. The first step is to decide what type of care is best for your situation. The second step is to choose which vendor can best provide the care you need. Older persons and their family members can use the tools as they consider the various criteria that need to be considered to reach a decision more confidently.

2-Step Decision Framework:

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